Himalayan salt

Wooden salt bricks is craved and designed out of the naturally occurring Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt
is a free flowing, naturally occurring mineral found in the Potohar valley of Pakistan.
Wooden salt box with exemplify your leisure and recreational mode. Think of the past in a lighter mode;
live in the present under auspicious wooden salt presence and plan future with purest of the materials.
Wooden salt box is specially designed and fabricated out the indigenous salt for smooth respiration.
Our respiratory tracks need therapy because of toxic air inhalation and pink Himalayan salt is proved to
be the best when it comes to either cure or protect against asthma and associated allergies.
Pink salt has been found to have revolutionary effects on mental health as well. Apart from curing
respiratory disorders, presence of salt content around us allows healing of mental scars.
Pink salt allows free, abrupt and transparent flow of instructions from our mind.
Natural cures are always preferred over the artificial ones. Regular medications and use of inhalers is a
nonstop irritation and is considered a nuisance by the fellow companions.
Don’t spoil your bodies’ interior with superficial treatments meant to suppress the symptoms of asthma.
Avoid suffocation; breathe freely and without any hindrance or interruption.
Pink salt wooden box inside your living rooms will allow to sit in a comfort, delightful and blessed zone,
where your mind and respiration shall be given the all important ‘massage’ necessary for quality
Wooden pink salt box isn’t that costly when it comes to its benefits as a healer and as a decorative unit.
Rejoice the moments of easiness with pink salt wooden brick. Its glittering from the onset and it shall lit
up the interiors of your heart and soul as well